The Benefits of a Survey

We often get asked the question, “Should I get a Survey when I purchase real estate?”  It’s probably no surprise that our answer is a resounding, “Yes”.  Having a survey done gives you the confidence of knowing exactly what you are buying.  Most people do research on large purchases before they buy.  Property is a substantial investment, so why not do the research to ensure that it’s a wise investment as well? 

At a minimum, the following tasks will be completed when having a survey done:

  • The surveyor will review your legal description to determine if it is ambiguous.  Ambiguous descriptions are descriptions that require decision or assumption to be made in determining the property boundary.  This could lead to multiple locations for the same line depending on the Surveyor’s decision.  
  • The exact area of the property will be calculated (Multiple Listing Service (MLS) areas are not always correct).
  • The boundary corners will be located and staked so the buyer can do a visible inspection of the property they are buying. 

 If there is a conflict with the legal boundary compared to what is being used, it is often easiest to have the seller involved to correct it.  There are multiple ways to correct these problems.  The easiest is a quit claim deed between the adjoining property owners.    

We hear a lot of horror stories from people who purchased real estate without a survey.  Having a survey completed prior to purchase provides a better understanding of what is being purchased and allows the buyer/seller to correct any title conflicts before closing.   

Welcome to our New Site!

Welcome to our re-designed website!  We are very excited to launch our new format.  

We have created a dynamic site that is interactive and informative to fit the needs of our present and future clients.  Three new sections have been added; “Ask a Surveyor”, Picture of the Week and a Blog.  We will be updating these items often, so check back periodically.  You can still find all of the basic information about Otto Associates, such as who we are, our services, and representative projects designed by us.  

In our Blog we will be posting articles that pertain to our industry and hopefully are of interest to our clients and the general public.  

We invite you to submit a Land Surveying question to our Surveyors.  At least one question per month will be featured in our “Ask a Surveyor” section.  We hope this will provide you with some basic knowledge of our profession and answer some of the frequently asked questions we’ve received throughout the years.  

Look for the Picture of the Week on our home page or review those archived from previous weeks.  This section is merely for fun and will include pictures from Otto job sites as well as ones we’ve run across on the internet, in the newspaper or sent to us by our friends and colleagues. 

 We welcome any feedback you have regarding our site so we can continue to improve upon it.  Our goal is to be a resource to you to help you understand what it is we do as Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers…and have a little fun doing it.