National Surveyors Week

March 18-24, 2012 is National Surveyors Week.  Surveying has existed since the beginning of recorded history.  Examples include:

        Stonehenge (c. 2500 BC) suggests that the monument was set using peg and rope geometry.

        Egyptians’ command of surveying resulted in nearly perfect squareness and north-south orientation of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

        Under the Romans, land surveyors were established as a profession.

Surveying encompasses a broad spectrum of jobs and terrain.  Surveyors can be researchers, computer specialists, mapmakers, business owners, expert witnesses in court, and even crime investigators.  They can work outdoors and indoors, in mountainous terrain and cities, and even map land under water.  Surveying is required in the planning and execution of nearly every form of construction.  The profession blends old and new by relying on historical data while implementing new technology.